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Requirements and Installation


  • Windows Vista/7
  • Visual Studio 2010
    • Professional or Ultimate (for NUnit)
    • Ultimate (for Visual Studio Test Framework and TFS) 
  • NUnit (for running NUnit tests)

What's included

  • Holmes plugin for Visual Studio
  • Build workflow tasks for instrumenting TFS builds
  • NUnit addin for collecting path coverage while running NUnit tests

Configuration Options

Use Tools - Options - Holmes window to configure Holmes.

  • Path threshold - The number of test cases in which a code path must be exercised for it to be considered a candidate root cause. Defaults to 10. Lowering this number enables Holmes to consider a large set of code paths. However, for low values of this threshold, resulting root causes may not be accurate.
  • Symbol path - Path where Holmes should look for coverage symbol files. Defaults to the solution's root directory.
  • Builds filter - Number of days for which build information should be fetched. Defaults to 90.