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Technology Heirlooms
Technology Heirlooms

This project is all about thinking about technology in the long term. While we tend to think of most digital things as only having a shelf life of a few years, the reality is that we're now taking digital photos, and keeping digital items, for long enough that we have to start thinking about the consequences of using them for reminiscing in the future, and even passing them on to our offspring. What does it mean to inherit someone's PC or to use digital technology to reflect on someone's life?

A couple of good starting points for understanding this project are this blog post titled An Introduction to Technology Heirlooms, and this video presentation by Richard Banks from the Interaction10 conference entitled The 40 Year Old Tweet.

This project has resulted in the development of 3 artifacts, Timecard, Backup Box and the Digital Slide Viewer. Descriptions of these are available in a blog post entitled Some Technology Heirlooms. Videos of Backup Box and the Digital Slide Viewer have also been posted here.


Backup Box

Backup Box User Interface

Digital Slide Viewer

Viewing a Digital Slide