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Project Hawaii Documentation for Windows Phone

Find documention for Project Hawaii for Windows Phone

Getting Started with Development

  1. Download and install the Windows Phone SDK 7.1
    This download includes the Express edition of Visual Studio 2010. You can use these tools with the Professional edition of Visual Studio instead if you want. (See the Development Tools section below).
  2. Download and install Project Hawaii SDK
    This SDK includes documentation, sample applications, and service client libraries for each service.
  3. Create your first Application
    Windows Phone applications can be created by using either of the Silverlight or XNA framework. This how-to article uses Silverlight for demonstration purposes. It also demonstrates how to run your application in the emulator.
  4. Register with App Hub
    Unlock your phone, which is required before you can run your application on a real device. This step can take days to complete, so plan ahead.
  5. Deploy your application
    Install your application on your phone for testing.