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Additional Resources

Find additional resources for Project Hawaii.

These resources provide a more in-depth look into Windows Phone application development.

Windows Phone Developer Resources






Windows Phone Marketplace

You can submit your completed application to the Windows Phone Marketplace throught App Hub. Students may submit a limited amount of apps free of charge (see the App Hub FAQ).

About the Windows Azure Platform

Project Hawaii provides project participants with access to Windows Azure for use in creating their own cloud services. Windows Azure is Microsoft's cloud services platform, and provides computation, database and other capabilities hosted in the cloud.

Use the Windows Azure toolkit for Windows Phone 7 to build Windows Phone 7 applications that take advantage of cloud services running in Windows Azure.

Learn more:

  • Online Library Entry for the Windows Azure Platform on MSDN
  • ASP.NET Portal on MSDN, for information on creating web applications and services by using the Microsoft .NET Framework

There are MSDN community support forums for Windows Azure, SQL Azure, and App Fabric.

Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone

The Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone makes it easier for you to build mobile applications that take advantage of cloud services running in Windows Azure. This toolkit includes Visual Studio project templates for Windows Phone and Windows Azure, class libraries optimized for use on the phone, sample applications, and documentation. All this content is designed to be easily reused, simplifying your experience and optimizing your time when building your own phone applications leveraging cloud services.

  • Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone
    This toolkit includes the following services:

    • Computation
      Using Windows Azure to provide compute servers in the cloud.

    • Storage
      Using Windows Azure to provide virtual SQL databases in the cloud.

Additional Development Tools

Microsoft offers many of its professional development tools and other software to students at no charge on the MSDN Academic Alliance and Microsoft DreamSpark programs.

The available tools include Visual Studio 2010 Professional edition, which in comparison with the Express edition, includes more features and also allows for extensibility add-ins and external tools. As one example, programmers who are familiar with the Emacs text editor on other platforms will likely appreciate the Emacs Emulation extension.