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Project Hawaii Gallery

See projects developed by students using Project Hawaii.

Featured Projects

These projects use Project Hawaii services and the Windows Phone platform. The students created these projects as part of their class curriculum and explored cloud-enabled mobile computing.


Blind Helper is developed to assist people who are blind or visually impaired to identify their locations and contact with other people using smart mobile phones.

Mohamed Abd El Aziz, Karim Habak
Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology


We are constantly bogged with mundane routines at certain locations. For e.g: 1) Sending SMS to someone when we reach home 2) Setting ringtone profile to silent in movie theaters/workplace/school 3) Launching certain apps at certain locations (for e.g. bus arrival app at bus stop). Since there is a correlation between the location we are in and the lists of actions we want our phone to do, we believe that building a Location aware action triggering like IntelligentMe will change the way people use their smart phone.

David CHUA Zhi Hon, George HE Shuxian, Jayson ANG, QIU Yuchun
Singapore Management University, School of Information Systems


ReceiptManager provides you the ability to consolidate and view the digital receipts generated by your various mobile payment applications in one single location. With ReceiptManager, you can easily review your mobile expenditure history, as well as have the ability to track the geographic trail of your mobile monetary transactions via Bing Maps.

Singapore Management University, School of Information Systems