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Project Hawaii Student Projects Fall 2011

See the apps created with Project Hawaii.

Fall 2011

TempleTrans Voice to Voice Translator

The Voice to voice translator application on a mobile device is the idea of translating voice from one language to another by using Cloud Computing technology. First, the application records the user’s voice in a selected language and uses the Cloud voice recognition service to transfer the voice to a text. The text is translated to a desired language in a text format by another Cloud service. Then the application calls a text reader on the Cloud to read the translated text and plays the sound for the user.

Minh Nguyen, Hicham Nassiri
Temple University

GPS Beacon

GPS Beacon, is a GPS enabled app that automatically senses current location and displays that information to the user. The user has a list of saved locations that is automatically queried, based on current location, in order to find the details associated with this location. That information is then shown to the user. This program is designed to be convenient and easy to use for the user. It can be modified to be used for general social networking purposes, or, it can be useful as a safety feature for broadcasting the current location of children, elderly, etc. to anyone that may be concerned for their safety.

Tristan Jenkins, Paul Crane
Temple University

Location Mapper

This application is useful when a user wants to know what is current coordinate and location. It is very simple to use and fast. Specially when a user is driving a car, it can notify the current location by clicking a button. You can just send the GPS coordinate to let someone know where you are via text, email, or phone right away.

Sang-Hun Lee
Temple University

Controlling a Service Robot Using Windows Phone

The idea behind the project is to create a system for controlling a service robot with a mobile Windows Phone. There are two primary objectives of this project. The first one is to create a user-friendly graphical command interface on the phone side that represents an intuitive and efficient way for a user to issue basic movement commands to the robot. The second objective is to overcome the location barrier. The user does not necessarily need to be close to the robot in order to connect to it and issue the commands.

Stefan Lekic
Temple University

Septa Bus View Windows Phone App

This application allows users to pick a SEPTA bus route and find out where buses are in realtime. It is designed to be used when someone wants to catch a bus, but is unsure of the schedule and wants to see how far away the bus is. It can also be used by someone who does know the bus schedule since the busses tend to be late and rarely run on schedule.

Anthony Cosentini
Temple University  

Thumb: A Real-Time Resource Information Sharing Application over Mobile Phones

Information sharing plays a significant role in human daily life. With the development of the Internet and applications over it, we share almost all kinds of information in a much wider space and time scope that we never had. However, when it comes to sharing information about resources which are available in an instant manner and expire in a very short time, such as the cases in carpooling, train ticket resale and shortterm discount information, the Internet is not that all-powerful. On the other hand, we have witnessed the rapid development of smart mobile phones over recent years, and which is gradually reshaping our way to learn and communicate. To the best of our knowledge, instant resource information sharing systems have not been available in this new environment. In this work, we develop and demonstrate Thumb, a system aiming to leverage the new functionalities of smart mobile phones and the Internet to allow users to share instant availability of resource information, especially for resources with extreme short life time. PerCom 2012 Conference Agenda

Narisu Tao, Konglin Zhu
University of Goettingen, Germany
Presented as demo at IEEE Pervasive Computing and Communication (PerCom) 2012, demo session, Lugano, Switzerland, March 2012.

Monster GG

Taking place in an parallel universe where monsters resides in mobile phones after a meteor hits earth, players are able duke it out with their monsters to become the top ranking player in the Monster GG universe. The highlight of Monster GG is the real-time interactive monster battle; players will use gestures for attacking and evading attacks.

Edwin FENG Chugong, LIM Sheng Yang, Heri SUTIKNO, QUA Wei Han
Singapore Management University

Land O’War

This is a location based game - Land O'War. This game allows users to play against others and gain land and resources.

KYAW Lu Mon, LOH Chong Ghee, TAN Ming Wie, YAP Zheng Yang
Singapore Management University

Keep Sleeping

An SMU Mobile and Pervasive project. Keep Sleeping is a reminders app that allows you to create location-triggered reminders on your Windows Phone, for anywhere in the world.

Aneesha Madhur DASWANI, LEE Jun Kit, Cassie ONG Siying, Dharshni SURESH KUMAR, Daniel TSOU Guo Yuen Tsen
Singapore Management University


FLGO- An windows app to connect friends on the go! Create or search for events to join in.

Mohamed Ali Jinnah, Diwanand DAVAR, Prima Aulia GUSTA, Manish Ishwar NATHANI, Cashwinn Dev SINGH 
Singapore Management University  

PollApp: Windows Phone 7 Polling App

This app uses the relay service to send the polls and votes in between group members in a peer-to-peer fashion.

Douglas Dawson, Xiaoyu Ren, Sara Karamati, Mahesh Harinath, Shane Snyder
Clemson University

Chinese Chess

Chinese Chess is a Windows Mobile Phone application of traditional Chinese Chess, Xiangqi, which is one of the most popular board games in China. In our application, we have two game modes: multiplayer and remote player. In remote player mode, we used the Hawaii Relay Service to communicate between two windows phone devices to make two remote users play together.

Guoxin Liu, Fang Qi, Guangyan Wang , Edward Sullivan, Brown Farinholt
Clemson University 


ItsYourTurn is a Windows Phone 7 game application using the Windows Azure Cloud services and Database used the umbrella of the Microsoft‟s Hawaii Cloud Services. It is a multiplayer gaming application that built on the XNA framework of the Windows Phone platform and the Azure services to manage the game states. It has a facility to use the Hawaii Speech To Text service for User Input. The game deployed can now be played between any two mobile hosts using their Windows Mobile devices given network connectivity.

Dhruva Gupta, Karan Sapra, Keerthan Jaic, Nimisha Raut, Pooja Chaudhari
Clemson University


iLike is a free mobile recommendation and sharing app that enables individuals with smart phones to share photos and description with each other. With iLike, you can easily share what you like anytime, anywhere and with anyone you like. You can share your status with others, take photos to share with others, describe the photos, and receive others' sharing status, photos and descriptions. In iLike, your selected photos and comments are uploaded to the cloud. The cloud will store the data and push the data to your friends

Kang Chen, Yuhua Lin, Bo Wu, Ziqing Huan, Greg Davis 
Clemson University