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Register with App Hub

Register as a student developer of Windows Phone Applications.

To test and deploy your applications on an actual device, you will need to get an App Hub membership to unlock a phone. Students may register for a one-year free membership. You need to complete all the steps below to unlock a phone for application testing.

How to Register with App Hub

Step 1: Verify as a Student with DreamSpark
  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with a Live ID. (If you don't have, you can create one.)
  3. Click Get Verified.
  4. In the form, select your country from the list, click Verify as a student, click Get verified through my school, and then click Continue.
  5. Select your school.
  6. For some schools you can verify directly by using a university email ID and password or browser certificates. Otherwise, fill out the form that comes up with your name, date of birth, and email address. The email address has to be an .edu address.
  7. DreamSpark will send you a mail with the activation link. Click it to activate.

    You are now verified as a student and you can download any academic software from DreamSpark for free!

Step 2: Begin App Hub Registration

  1. Go to the App Hub Registration Page.
  2. Select your country, select account type as student, and fill out your personal information. Pick a developer name and gamer tag.

    Note It won't ask you for payment as student registration is free.
  3. When you receive the an email with an activation link to verify your email address, click the link to activate it.

    You are now ready to submit apps to App Hub.
  4. In App Hub, click my dashboard > Windows phone.

    Although the status says that "GeoTrust is verifying the information you provided," for student accounts that process does not start until you submit you first app. And until GeoTrust completes the identify verification, you cannot deploy and run applications on the phone. So we recommend you submit a test app just to get the GeoTrust verification process started.
Step 3: Submit an Application (to start GeoTrust verification process)

Note The purpose this step is to submit a test app to get the GeoTrust process started. The app you submit in this step does not need to be published in the Marketplace. You can withdraw it before that happens.

  1. Write a very simple application (or use the example app from the tutorial).
  2. Make sure the app works on the emulator.
  3. Go to App Hub and submit the app. In addition to submitting the .xap file, you will need to make and submit a few pictures (icons and screenshots).
    Read the full requirements.

Step 4: Identify Verification with GeoTrust

  1. After you submit the test app, even before the app is tested, the GeoTrust verification will kick off. Within 24 hours you will get a mail from GeoTrust.
  2. The email will contain a link to fill out a personal information form. If you have a SSN number, the process is straight forward.

    After you fill the form with your SSN, they will look up your credit info and ask a few multiple choice questions (based on the credit info) that are known only to you. If you get them correct, the verification process is complete! (If you do not have an SSN, or credit info, or if you do not get the multiple choice questions correct, GeoTrust may ask you to mail or fax some documents).

    Note After the verification is complete you can withdraw your submitted application from the Testing phase if you think your application is incomplete or is too simple.
  3. After the verification is complete, you can unlock your phone to deploy applications.

Step 5: Unlock the Phone to Deploy Applications

Follow the MSDN how-to instructions, or follow these instructions:

  1. Install the Zune software.
  2. Connect the phone to the PC. Leave the phone screen on.
  3. Click Run All Programs > Microsoft Phone Developer Tools > Windows Phone Developer Registration.
  4. Type your Live ID and password, and click Register.

Now you can deploy applications on the phone and test them (any application, not just the one you submitted to kick off GeoTrust verification above). In Visual Studio, click Windows Phone 7 Device instead of Windows Phone 7 Emulator as the target. Your app runs on the phone. Have fun!