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Project Hawaii Documentation for Android

Find documention for Project Hawaii for Android


The Hawaii Android Software Development Kit (SDK) is intended to help Android developers use Hawaii services easily and quickly. The SDK includes client libraries and sample Android applications for the KeyValue, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Relay, Rendevezvous, SpeechToText (STT), TextToSpeech (TTS), Translator, and Path Prediction services. Android applications use these client libraries to interact with Hawaii services. To ease development, the SDK provides the complete source code and associated Eclipse project files.


Before you can use the Hawaii Android SDK:

  • Set up the Android development environment.
  • Download the Jackson library.
  • Obtain authentication credentials.

Set up the Android development environment

Download the Android development environment, which is available on the following website:

Ensure that you have the latest versions of the following components:

  • Java Development Kit (JDK)
  • Android SDK
  • Eclipse Classic integrated development environment (IDE)
  • Eclipse ADT plug-in for Android development

Download the Jackson library

The SDK uses the Jackson library for JavaScript object notation (JSON) serialization and deserialization. Download the Jackson library from the following website:
Ensure that you download the stable 2.x version, which includes the following three files:

  • Jackson-core-2.x.jar
  • Jackson-annotations-2.x.jar
  • Jackson-databind-2.x.jar