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Project Greenwich


Project Greenwich is a website that allows people to create timelines of any subject they want to present chronologically. Using the site they could show the lifespan of an individual, how a historical event evolved, or how a place changed, for example. With Greenwich we are interested in researching how people think about time, how they go about the process of telling a story through time, and what it means to reflect on chronological content to think about the past.

Project Greenwich is available at:

Unlike content that is automatically created and stamped with a date, like status updates or blog posts, we are interested in how the act of sitting down and manually crafting a timeline encourages reflection, learning and provides insights into relationships between the different elements within it.

Read more about Project Greenwich in this Technology Review article, Reorganize Your Past, Online.


How do I sign up to use Project Greenwich?

We'll be doing a "closed beta" to start with, which is invitation only. For more details visit the Project Greenwich website.

Once the site becomes more generally open for use, we'll post an announcement here and to our twitter account @msrgreenwich.

Note: Project Greenwich is a research project from the Socio-Digital Systems team in Microsoft Research, and not an official Microsoft product.


What can you do with Project Greenwich?

On Project Greenwich you can create a timeline of any subject, uploading photos to the site as well as drawing on other sources from across the web. You can then share that timeline with others to view. Here is what a sample timeline looks like:

A timeline on Greenwich

Project Greenwich allows you to compare two timelines in order to add new context to each. In this shot a timeline for World War II is being compared to the timeline of the life of Ken Cook, a pilot during that war:
Comparing two timelines on Greenwich

People gradually build up a resource of timelines they are working on, as well as combined and favorite timelines they have seen from others.
My Timelines on Greenwich

Once the timeline has been created it can be embedded in a blog...

..or printed out as part of a homework asignment.



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Richard Banks

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