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Vision is the ultimate source of sensory input that we humans consume. We believe that the next generation of computers will provide the ability to continuously capture and analyze visual information in real-time, thus greatly enhancing the overall experience and efficiency of their users.

Yay! we won the Best Paper Award at MobiSys 2013


    • Robert LiKamWa (Rice University) [Summer 2012, 2013]
    • Yu-Han (“Tiffany”) Chen (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) [Summer 2013]
    • Vageesh Devarayasamudra (Indian Institute of Technology, Channel, India) [Summer 2013]



  • ACM MobiSys 2013, Taipei, Taiwan (June 15, 2013)
  • MIT Technology Review Mobile Summit, San Francisco, California, USA (June 3, 2013) 
  • Third International Workshop on Mobile Computing and Services (MCS) 2012, Lake Woods Region, U.K (June 25, 2013)


Robert LiKamWa, Bodhi Priyantha, Matthai Philipose, Lin Zhong, and Paramvir Bahl, Energy Characterization and Optimization of Image Sensing Toward Continuous Mobile Vision , ACM International Conference in Mobile Systems, Applications, and Services (MobiSys), 2013.

Paramvir Bahl, Matthai Phillipos, and Lin Zhong, Cloud-Powered Sight for All: Showing the Cloud What You See, in International Workshop on Mobile Cloud Computing and Services (MCS), Association for Computing Machinery, Inc., 25 June 2012.