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Retrieve global environmental information with the click of a button or a few lines of code. FetchClimate is a fast, free, intelligent environmental information retrieval service that operates over the cloud to return only the environmental data you need. FetchClimate can be accessed either through a simple web interface or via a few lines of code inside any program.


•Air temperature, precipitation and many more.

•Spatial grids & time series; yearly, seasonal, daily data.

•Intelligently selects a data source for each request; or choose a particular data set.

•Present the results graphically or export it to CSV.

•Use the dynamic web interface, call it from command line or your own programs.

 To try online, download, or learn more, see the FetchClimate part of our new tools site, watch the tutorial video or read the tutorial PDF on the right hand side of this screen.



FetchClimate is intended to make it easy for you to retrieve data for any geographical region, at any grid resolution: from global, through continental, to a few kilometres, and for any range of years, days within the year, and / or hours within the day. FetchClimate can also return information on the uncertainty associated with the climate data and data sources used to fulfil the request. When multiple sources of data could potentially provide data on the same environmental variable FetchClimate automatically selects the most appropriate data sources. Finally, the entire query can be shared as a single URL, enabling others to retrieve the identical data.


FetchClimate1 is still available here: http://fetchclimate.cloudapp.net/app#LT

 FetchClimate was developed by the Computational Science Lab at Microsoft Research Cambridge, in collaboration with Microsoft Research Connections and the MSTLab at Moscow State University.

Send us your feedback to: <fetchclimate at microsoft dot com>