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The Far Site

Bobby and Sean Finalize their theses,
unaware that their sysadmin is...
the Bovine Operator From Hell!

The Backup Motel. Files check in, but they don't check out!

"Don't worry, Mr. Simms. Your data is stored
on a three-way redundant server cluster."


What do these cartoons have to do with Farsite?

Bovine Operator From Hell: Farsite enables cooperating but not-completely-trusting clients to collaboratively share storage resources, using cryptography, redundancy, and Byzantine-fault-tolerance to protect user data. There is no central sysadmin with the power to invade user privacy or destroy user data. See the real BOFH for examples of the destruction a malicious operator can wreak.

The Backup Motel: It's a truism in the IT industry that backups always succeed but restores always fail. Farsite's on-line redundant storage is immediately accessible and verifiable, unlike off-line backups.

Meteor Strike: Unlike Farsite's inherently distributed storage, servers are vulnerable to geographically localized faults. Clustering technology can eliminate a single point of failure, but server clusters still represent a single site of failure, such as the comp center in this cartoon.

*Apologies are also owed to Simon Travaglia for the BOFH spoof in the first cartoon above.