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Entity Analytics

The project goal is to mine rich data assets possessed by search engines as well as those available within the enterprise to extract “interesting” information about entities. One example of this is identifying “synonyms” of real-world entities like products, people and places (i.e., alternate ways of referring to them) by mining web search click logs. The purpose of mining this information is to dramatically improve the user experience for certain applications involving those entities. For examp

Entity Synonyms

The goal is to mine synonyms of real world entities like products, people, locations and more (i.e., alternate ways people refer to them). Many applications can benefit from this knowledge of synonyms of entities. For example, it can tremendously improve the search relevance in product search or local search. For example, Bing Shopping, Bing image search and Bing video search uses our synonyms to improve their search quality. We also offer entity synonyms as a data service for external customers to “plug in” to their applications (say, product search on an e-tailer’s web site). We recently mined acronyms using query logs as well. We refer to our publications listed below for further information.