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Microsoft Research: E-mail Loss Detection Add-in (ELDA) FAQ

E-mail Loss Detection Add-in (ELDA) FAQ

I installed ELDA, but I don’t see it in Outlook anywhere. Where is it?

To access the ELDA Pane, on the View menu, click Show MSR ELDA Pane. If this menu command doesn't exist, try restarting Outlook). The pane should appear docked on the right side of Outlook.

I see myself in the tree, but no-one else. How do I add users?

Users are added implicitly as a natural consequence of your one-on-one e-mail exchanges with them. With the default settings, you just need to e-mail the user twice and send (or receive) a reply.

I’ve e-mail lots of people since installing ELDA, but none of them are showing up in the tree. Why not?

The people you are e-mailing must also be using ELDA. Further, only e-mails with a single To recipient will trigger automatic user addition (subject to the rules noted in the previous answer).

Sometimes users appear in different colors in the tree. What do the colors mean?

Yellow means the user is being initialized.Green or red means the user is fully initialized, with green indicating that there are no delayed or lost mails from this user, and red indicating that one or more mails from the user has been delayed or lost.

How do I know if ELDA is working?

Over time you should see users being added to the tree in the ELDA pane. You can also see e-mails appearing under the users if you turn on Show Recently Received Mail (available from the MSR ELDA Users tree node menu).

I got a delayed/lost notification, but when I look for the delayed/lost mail I can find it in my mailbox. Why does this happen?

The delayed or lost mail finally arrived but after the notification mail had been generated. In such cases, you can safely ignore the notification mail.

Outlook seems to take longer to start and stop after installing ELDA. Why is that?

If you have a large or complex mailbox (hundreds of megabytes in size, or having a large number of folders) then it is normal that ELDA will cause Outlook to start (and stop) more slowly than you are used to.

Does ELDA only work with a Microsoft Exchange server?

No! ELDA can also work with Windows Live Hotmail, POP3, and IMAP e-mail servers in addition to Microsoft Exchange servers.

I found a bug. Who do I contact?

You can easily report a bug by clicking Events at the top of the ELDA pane, and then in the Events dialog box, clicking the Report Bug button.

How do I uninstall ELDA?

You can uninstall ELDA from Control Panel » Add/Remove Programs (Windows XP) or Programs and Features (Vista). Locate E-mail Loss Detection Add-in in the list and click Remove.