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Environmental Informatics Framework

Environmental Informatics Framework (EIF) is a strategy for using cutting-edge Microsoft technologies to advance environmental data discoverability, accessibility, and consumability.

Earthquakes mapped with location, intensity, and depth in time seriesEnvironmental science is challenged by vast amount of heterogeneous data. EIF uses the most advanced Microsoft technologies to make it easier for scientists to share, discover, access, and consume data—helping them to remain focused on science and efficiently transform data to information, to knowledge, and to social impact.

The concept of EIF was developed from the outcomes of Microsoft Environmental Research Workshop 2010 and through constant interactions with collaborators in academia, government, and industry. Learn more...

EIF Examples

The following are just a few examples of how EIF is helping environmental researchers work with data efficiently so that they can focus on their scientific work, rather than spending a lot of time managing their data.

EIF helps advance data discoverability, accessibility, and consumability. Click to learn more.