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Drivatar™ technology is at the heart of all the computer opponents in Forza Motorsport, and is the basis for the novel "Train Drivatar" feature in the game.

Drivatar is a novel form of learning Artificial Intelligence (AI) developed for Forza Motorsport by the Applied Games group at Microsoft Research in Cambridge, U.K.

The technology behind the Drivatar concept is exploited within the game in two ways:

    • As an innovative new "learning" game feature: create your own AI driver!
    • As the underlying model for all the AI competitors in the "Arcade" and "Career" modes.

Our original goal in developing Drivatars was to create human-like computer opponents to race against. As keen gamers we had grown tired of simplistic AI opponents and wanted to try and do something about it. We particularly like racing games and so the racing genre seemed like a great place to start work. We prototyped a few initial ideas back in 2002, and fortunately for us this was the exact time that the Forza Motorsport project was germinating within Microsoft Games Studios. After a couple of years of further research and development, the results can now be found sitting in your Xbox console.

If you'd like to find out more about how to use Drivatars, and how they work, please follow the links on the right.


We would like to acknowledge some individuals beyond the walls of our lab who over the last years have helped us convert Drivatars from a fanciful concept into an Xbox reality. Amongst others who we have no doubt forgotten, thanks are due to, in no particular order: Barry Brumitt, Andrew Kertesz, Shannon Loftis, AJ Redmer, Chris Satchell, Jimbo Pfeiffer, Mario Rodriguez, Andrew Marthaller and Garrett Young.