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Diff-IE Examples

Web pages change in a variety of ways. We've provided some screenshots of changes that Diff-IE identified which might have otherwise gone unnoticed. Do you have a great example? Send it to us at

Find changes in long lists of text

It can be hard to see changes in long lists of text, but Diff-IE identifies these automatically.

Track price changes

We rarely remember prices, but Diff-IE does. Here, the prices of these HP workstations dropped.

 Screenshot of a personal home page with new content in a long list highlighted

 Screenshot of an HP product comparison page showing changed prices highlighted in yellow.


See new or different search results

Search results can change in may ways —
ranking, snippets, titles, and ads can all change.

Quickly find forum activity

At a glance, Diff-IE shows which forum threads are active. 

 Screenshot of a Bing search results page with new content highlighted in yellow  Screenshot of a forum with a circular callout showing the that the numbers of posts in several forums have changed.