Simplifying data repository adherence and metadata management for science


Data sharing, management, and curation have become critical to scientists as well as private and public agencies that support their work. DataUp makes it easy for scientists and researchers to learn how to format data for maximum reusability and post their files to a DataONE or SkyDrive repository.


An open-source tool helping researchers document, manage, and archive their data, DataUp:

  • Assists with data management and preservation
  • Supports archiving and publishing of tabular data among scientists
  • Allows repository administrators to upload or create required and optional metadata fields using preferred standards
  • Ensures that data is valid for downstream data processing

Using DataUp

DataUp is available as a web application, running on Windows Azure and Microsoft SQL Server.

DataUp is designed to:

  • Ensure repository metadata compliance to promote sharing
  • Conduct data quality checks
  • Protect data for re-use over time
  • Associate unique data identifiers with data sets for retrieval and citation
  • Comply with the API standard as defined by DataONE, a National Science Foundation-funded initiative

Try the DataUp web service and see how it helps you manage your data, enabling faster and more efficient research.