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Conference XPConferenceXP is an open-source videoconferencing platform that is designed to address the needs of academic distance learning/multi-institutional instruction and advanced collaboration scenarios.

By integrating high-performance audio, video, and network technologies, ConferenceXP seamlessly connects multiple, distant participants in a rich, immersive environment for conferencing, instruction, and collaboration. ConferenceXP provides an extensible foundation for interactive collaborative environments and serves as a research platform for designing and implementing distance conferencing and learning applications.

About ConferenceXP

ConferenceXP was conceived in 2001 by Microsoft Research and released under a shared source license.

In July 2007, Microsoft Research announced funding for the Center for Collaborative Technologies at the University of Washington to continue development and deployment support for ConferenceXP.

In December 2010, Microsoft and the University of Washington assigned rights to the The OuterCurve Foundation, and a new Apache Version 2.0 open-source license was applied. The University of Washington will continue to support the ConferenceXP source code repository, and will act as central point of contact for the community.