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Column store technology

Column store technology can provide very substantial performance improvements on data warehousing workloads. This project investigated how to integrate columnar storage into SQL Server. The solution adopted was to add a new index type, columnstore index, that stores data column wise instead of row wise. Columnstore indexes first shipped in SQL Server 2012, significant enhancements were added in SQL Server 2014, and further improvements will be included in the next release.

  • Per-Ake Larson, Cipri Clinciu, Campbell Fraser, Eric N. Hanson, Mostafa Mokhtar, Michael Nowakiewicz, Vassilis Papadimos, Susan L. Price, Srikumar Rangarajan, Remus Rusanu, and Mayukh Saubhasik, Enhancements to SQL Server Column Stores, ACM SIGMOD, 22 June 2013.
  • Per-Åke Larson, Cipri Clinciu, Eric N. Hanson, Artem Oks, Susan L. Price, Srikumar Rangarajan, Aleksandras Surna, and Qingqing Zhou, SQL server column store indexes, in SIGMOD Conference, ACM SIGMOD, 11 June 2011.