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Project CodaLab is an open source platform that empowers communities to explore experiments together and create competitions designed to advance the state-of-the-art in machine learning.

Today’s data-driven research and development is stymied by an inability for scientists and their collaborators to easily reproduce and augment one another’s experiments. CodaLab addresses this problem by providing a cloud-based virtual “workbench” where computer scientists can conduct data-driven experiments quickly and easily.

These experiments can then be easily copied, re-worked and edited by other collaborators in order to advance the state-of-the-art in data-driven research and machine learning.

Once a research problem has been defined, CodaLab’s community members can organize a competition, in which the community’s best and brightest may then challenge one another to develop the most effective solution to the problem. CodaLab’s competition module contains terms & conditions, leaderboards, and other elements that a sponsor would need in order to conduct a fair and objective completion. Once the winning entry is determined, awards can be given and bragging rights earned. Finished competitions can then be re-submitted as new experiments to complete the circuit and begin the innovation process anew.

Experimentation that drives Innovation

By working with the data-driven research community, we have enhanced the ability for scientists to collaborate with one another and host friendly competitions that deliver the best solutions for some of their most challenging problems. By improving productivity multiple orders of magnitude, CodaLab makes it easy for scientists and their collaborators to focus on the challenges at hand, and not get bogged down with the difficult and laborious work of setting up a new experiment.

The CodaLab community makes it easy to get involved:

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Community Partners

CodaLab community lead is Percy Liang, Stanford University. Isabelle Guyon, ChaLearn is leading the Machine Learning competitions for CodaLab.