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Cimetric: Lightweight Ad-hoc Collaboration

Cimetric is an application for managing documents and other files associated with ad hoc collaborations. It serves multiple purposes that content replication systems often target: collaboration (sharing data with others); roaming (sharing data with oneself on different devices); and backup (copying data to secondary storage).

Cimetric is lightweight and supports collaboration without requiring changes to current work practices. Collaborators can edit files in the usual ways even when they are disconnected from the network. A user interacts with a local folder called a workset, which Cimetric replicates among her devices. Separately, a local copy of a shared repository is updated with collaborators' changes. The user controls movement of updated versions from repository to workset and vice-versa. Cimetric synchronizes repositories and worksets on different devices opportunistically. Peer devices exchange updates directly or optionally through a replica hosted in Azure. Cimetric also supports communication and awareness among users and helps resolve version conflicts.