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ChronoZoom Contributors

The following important contributors have made ChronoZoom possible.

Project Management and Community Outreach

  • Rane Johnson

Project Managers

  • Michael Zyskowski
  • Bob Walters

Developers and Testers

  • Danny Datal – development manager
  • Kal Viswanathan – lead developer
  • Roman Snytsar – test manager
  • Palani Vairavan – developer

Moscow State University development and test team:

Moscow State University development and test team
Dr. Sergey Berezin, Alexander Zenchenko, Anna Isaeva, Dmitry Grechka, Dmitry Voytsekhovskiy, Eugene Nourminsky, Ivan Samylovskiy, Michael Kalygin, Nataliya Stepanova, and Nikita Skoblov

ChronoZoom Content

University of California at Berkeley content team:

University of California at Berkeley content team
Dr. Walter Alvarez, Roland Saekow, Chris Engberg, Michelle Lo, Ken Zhou, Matt Hoffman, Robbie Bruens, Madison Allen, Sergey Piterman, Cecily Gardner, Kenneth Leung, and David Shimabukuro

User Experience and Collected Materials

  • Jessica Herron
  • Chris Engberg
  • Jason Andrew
  • Paul Secord

ChronoZoom Project Advisors

Eric J. Chaisson, Harvard University; Barry Rodrigue, University South Maine; Lowell Gustafson, Villanova University; Craig Benjamin, Grand Valley State University; Fred Spier, Amsterdam University; David Christian, Marquarie University; Ian Sands, Michael Dix, Greg Amrofel, and Andy Cook of the Gates’ Big History Project; Cynthia Brown, Dominican University; Mojgan Behmand, Dominican University of California; Dominican University of California Big History First Year Expeerience Faculty; Jo Guldi, Harvard University; Jerry Bentley, University of Hawaii; Patrick Manning, University of Pittsburgh; William Turkel, University of Western Ontario; Bill Crow, Microsoft; Curtis Wong, and Steven Drucker, Microsoft Research; Jian Zhao, Microsoft Research Intern; Donald Brinkman, Microsoft Research Connections; and Philippe Claeys, Université Libre de Bruxelles  

Corporate and Institutions

Contact Us

If you are interested in learning more and joining the ChronoZoom project, please contact Rane Johnson.