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What people are saying about the Chemistry Add-in for Word


“The future of research will be powered not only by ever more rapid dissemination of ever large quantities of data, but also by software tools that 'understand' something about science. These tools will behave intelligently with respect to the information they process, and will free their human users to spend more time doing the things that humans do best: generating ideas, designing experiments and making discoveries. Chem4Word is one of the best examples so far of this important new development at the interface between science and technology.”

Timo Hannay, Managing Director, Digital Science, Macmillan Publishers


 "The IUCr is delighted to see the release of v.1 of Chemistry Add-in for Word under an open-source development license - this has great potential for authors to enrich the semantic content of their articles, and for publishers to leverage this semantic content in creating ever more useful and powerful active publications."

Brian McMahon, International Union of Crystallography


 “We’ve followed the development of the Chemistry Add-in for Word with great interest, as the prospect of capturing chemical semantics at the authoring stage promises to offer great benefits to the research cycle… We’ll be seeing how it can be usefully applied to our workflows and how we can help to increase its usage and application."

Richard Kidd, Manager, Informatics, Royal Society of Chemistry Publishing


 “We are really excited about the possibility of using a familiar and widely installed program to provide our users with easier access and more powerful tools."

Daniel Zaharevitz, Developmental Therapeutics Program, National Cancer Institute