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Cambiera is a Surface application for collaborative visual analytics. Cambiera allows groups of users to work together to examine collections of documents, facing each other and manipulating search words and documents as items on screen.


Cambiera User Study Logs and Raw Data

We are pleased to make available Cambiera log files and screen recordings from the study. We are not yet able to release the Camberia source code or executable.

The user study, described in the VAST 2010 paper, is based on twelve users in three conditions: "NoLink", "ByUser", and "NotByUser".






Videos are snapshots of the screen, taken every one minute, then converted to video at 1 fps. In some videos, the screen turns black; these are places where the application crashed and was restarted. Files are in AVI or WMV format

    ByUser-1  NotByUser-1  NoLink-1 
    ByUser-2  NotByUser-2  NoLink-2 
    ByUser-3  NotByUser-3  NoLink-3 
    ByUser-4  NotByUser-4  NoLink-4 
    ByUser-5  NotByUser-5  NoLink-5