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Beyond Search: Computational Intelligence for the Web
Beyond Search: Computational Intelligence for the Web

Workshop on December 12-13, 2008, Whistler, BC, Canada

Post-Workshop Information

  • Most of the talks and discussions have been recorded, and are available from Links to each video have been added to the schedule below. Slides are available for download as well.


The workshop is centered around a set of invited speakers with significant contributions to one or more of the research topics we wish to cover in our workshop. Additionally, there are slots for presenting contributions that are in response to the call for papers. As the workshop is set out to bridge research areas, a large amount of time will be dedicated to discussion following the presentations, and to panel discussions.

Friday Dec 12, 7:30 - 11:00: Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

7:30-7:40 The organizers Introduction (video)
7:40-8:40 Invited talk: AC Surendran, Tarek Najm, Phani Vaddadi (Microsoft) Evolving Today's Web into a Knowledge Web (abstract)
8:40-9:10  Invited talk: Deepak Agarwal (Yahoo Labs)  Some Machine Learning Problems related to Content Optimization (abstract) 
9:10-9:30  Break   
9:30-10:30  Invited talk: Doug Lenat (CyCorp Beyond the Semantic Web (abstract) (slides and video)
10:30-11:00  Discussion and wrap-up  (video) 

Friday Dec 12, 16:00 - 18:30: Social Networks

16:00-17:00  Invited talk: Edward Chang (Google)  Scalable Collaborative Filtering Algorithms for Mining Social Networks (abstract) (slides and video)
17:00-17:20  Break   
17:20-17:40  Barry Smyth, Peter Briggs (UC Dublin)  Trust-Enhanced Peer-to-Peer Collaborative Web Search (abstract) 
17:40-18:00  Sanmay Das, Malik Magdon-Ismail (Rensselaer Polytechnic)  Collective Wisdom: Information Growth in Wikis and Blogs (abstract) (slides and video)
18:00-18:30  Discussion and wrap-up  (video) 

Saturday Dec 13, 7:30 - 11:00: Machine Learning

7:30-8:30  Invited talk: Chris Burges (Microsoft Research)  Online Search and Advertising, Future and Present (abstract) (slides and video)
8:30-8:50  Yisong Yue, Thorsten Joachims (Cornell)  Interactively Optimizing Information Systems as a Dueling Bandits Problem (abstract) (slides and video)
8:50-9:10  Discussion  (video) 
9:10-9:30  Break   
9:30-10:30  Invited talk: Pedro Domingos (U Washington)  Machine Learning for the Web: A Unified View (abstract) (slides and video)
10:30-10:50  Lilyana Mihalkova, Raymond Mooney (U Texas Austin)  Search Query Disambiguation from Short Sessions (abstract) (slides and video)
10:50-11:00  Discussion and wrap-up   

Saturday Dec 13, 16:00 - 18:30: Game Theory and Mechanism Design

16:00-16:30  Invited talk: Jason Hartline (Northwestern U) 

Machine Learning, Market Design, and Advertising (abstract)(slides and video)

16:30-16:40  Break   
16:40-17:40  Invited talk: Michael Schwarz (Yahoo)  Internet Advertising and Optimal Auction Design (abstract) (slides and video)
 17:40-18:00  Onno Zoeter(Xerox)  Learning optimally from self-interested data sources in on-line ad auctions (abstract) (slides and video)
18:00-18:30  Discussion and wrap-up