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Azure Machine Learning

Microsoft Azure for Research Award program

Machine learning with the simplicity and power of the cloud

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning is a new offering from Microsoft that makes it easy for the academic community to use machine learning technology for their research. In contrast to traditional tools for machine learning, Azure Machine Learning can be mastered without extensive technical training and it facilitates collaboration with colleagues. Microsoft is requesting proposals from researchers and students, from all disciplines, that focus on solving real problems for the benefit of society. Selected proposals will receive Azure Machine Learning access awards.


Submit your Machine Learning proposal

  1. Read the application instructions
  2. Use the online application form

  3. Submit before October 15, 2015


Azure Machine Learning provides you:

  • The capability to visually compose machine learning experiments
  • Access to proven algorithms from Microsoft Research, Bing, and Xbox
  • First-class support for R, enabling you to seamlessly bring in existing work
  • Unmatched ease of collaboration; simply click share my workspace and share experiments with anyone, anywhere
  • Tools to immediately deploy a predictive model as a machine-learning web service on the cloud

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Access grants now available

We’re offering a limited number of awards to enable both seasoned researchers and students to try this unique offering.


Data science instructional awards

  • These awards will provide an individual account for each student in an intermediate or advanced data science class.
  • In addition, each awardee will receive 500 GB of cloud data storage.

Shared workspaces for research collaboration

  • These awards will provide a workspace for a group of researchers interested in hosting a data collection in Azure to discover and share predictive models.
  • In addition, each group will receive 10 TB of cloud data storage for this collection.
Microsoft Azure Machine Learning 

Application instructions

Your application must include the the folllowing words in the title:

  • For the data science instructional awards: “Azure Machine Learning Instruction
  • For the shared workspace and research collaboration awards: “Azure Machine Learning Research

Your proposal should be no longer than three pages, including references, if any are needed.

The deadline for the fifth round of proposals for this program is October 15, 2015.

To apply for either of these awards, use our online application form:

Azure Machine Learning award FAQ

I received an Azure Machine Learning (ML) award from Microsoft. How do I create a workspace for shared research?
Azure ML is appears as a feature in the Azure management portal on the left tab along with other features and services. View this video for instructions on how to create a workspace. 

I won an Instructional award. How do I create workspaces for my students?
You can create as many workspaces as you need by using the above instructions.

How do I seek help for any award issues?
Send email to