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Azure Machine Learning

Microsoft Azure for Research Award program

Azure Machine LearningMicrosoft Azure Machine Learning makes it easy to build, test, and deploy machine learning for your research. It is an open platform that allows you to use your own Python and R code—without being a machine learning expert. It also includes state-of-the-art algorithms from Microsoft that you can use out of the box. Once you have a trained model, you can immediately deploy this as a web API to use it from other applications.

Apply now for an award

Apply now for Azure Machine Learning for Research awards to enable you to explore, develop, and deploy cloud services—including compute and storage services. Selected projects will receive access to Azure Machine Learning for up to 12 months. It doesn't matter if you've never used machine learning before, or you're an expert with your own algorithms in Jupyter/IPython; our awards aim to give you what you need to make machine learning really work for you.

Application instructions

  • Your application must include the following words in the title: “Azure Machine Learning.”
  • Your proposal should be no longer than three pages, including references, if any are needed.
  • The next deadline for proposals is December 15, 2015.
  • Submit your proposal by using our online application form.

The application process is short, and we review proposals every two months.

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Learning and teaching with Azure Machine Learning

Azure Machine Learning is also ideal for teaching principles and practice to students in all disciplines, from business to computer science and engineering. Our Azure for Education program provides students and faculty with generous access to Azure for use in the classroom and developing curricula.

  • Azure for Education offers $100/student and $250/instructor for university courses. You can simply apply online.
  • There is also a free tier, that includes up to 10 GB of storage. Try it for free.

We have put together some ideas on how Azure Machine Learning can help educators teach the foundations of Machine Learning at Azure Machine Learning for Teaching.

Learn more

Azure Machine Learning is an open, collaborative platform that provides you with:

  • The capability to visually compose machine learning experiments
  • Access to proven algorithms from Microsoft Research, Bing, and Xbox
  • First-class support for R and Python, enabling you to seamlessly bring in existing work; support for Jupyter/IPython notebooks
  • Unmatched ease of collaboration; simply click share my workspace and share experiments with anyone, anywhere
  • Tools to immediately deploy a predictive model as a machine-learning web service on the cloud

Explore Azure Machine Learning resources


Submit your Machine Learning proposal

  1. Read the application instructions
  2. Use the online application form (include "Azure Machine Learning" in the title)

  3. Submit before December 15, 2015


Contact us

If you have questions about the award program or the application process, please email us at