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Microsoft Azure for Research

Unlimited possibilities in the cloud—accelerate the speed of scientific discovery

Microsoft Azure for Research

Today, research makes heavy use of data—often requiring cloud services and tools. The Microsoft Azure for Research program offers researchers the opportunity to apply for large allocations of Azure cloud computing resources.

Tell us how the cloud can help solve some of your data-intensive research challenges. Winning proposals will be awarded an Azure grant that includes platform services that enable powerful predictive analytics and management of Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and devices.

Award program

Explore the power and connection of Azure for your research, for free. Submit a research proposal to the award program and tell us how the cloud can help solve some of your research challenges. Winning proposals are awarded large allocations of Azure storage and compute resources for one year.

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Training events

Take advantage of our free, hands-on training course taught by specialized Microsoft Azure for Research trainers. The course is offered to academic researchers who are interested in or need to conduct their research on a highly scalable and flexible resource infrastructure, such as that offered by Azure.

Case studies

Imagine thousands of machines analyzing and exchanging vast quantities of data, allowing you to work most efficiently.

Azure makes it easy for you to access shared data collections so you don’t need to invest in large-scale compute and storage hardware. And it helps you take advantage of powerful, data-intensive processing in the cloud, helping you accelerate the rate of scientific insight.

Technical papers

We offer a selection of technical papers to help researchers quickly start working with Azure. The papers cover a range of topics from getting started with Azure to Azure Virtual Machines to Azure Cloud Services. Some prior technical computing skills are assumed.

Azure Machine LearningMicrosoft Azure Machine Learning makes it easy to build, test, and deploy machine learning for your research. It is an open platform that allows you to use your own Python and R code—without being a machine learning expert. It also includes state-of-the-art algorithms from Microsoft that you can use out of the box. Once you have a trained model, you can immediately deploy this as a web API to use it from other applications.