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Learn About Windows Azure

A platform for building scalable, highly reliable, multi-tiered web service applications

Get Up and Running with Windows Azure

Five steps to get running with Windows AzureFive steps to get running with Windows Azure

Step 1: Familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of Windows Azure

  • Windows Azure SDK
    • Understand Blobs, Tables, and Queues for flat storage
    • Learn about Web and Worker roles for executing tasks
  • SQL Azure 
    • Use a relational database in the cloud
  • AppFabric
    • Use service bus and access control to connect applications behind firewalls or smart devices

Step 2: Learn design patterns and best practices for architecting and developing cloud solutions

Step 3: Set up your development environment

Step 4: Begin development with Windows Azure

Step 5: Debug, deploy, and manage your Windows Azure applications

Windows Azure Resources

Everything You Need to Know About Azure as a Developer
This series of web seminars is designed to quickly immerse you in the world of the Windows Azure Platform. You will learn what Windows Azure is all about and how using it benefits you. Discover the fundamental concepts of cloud computing as well as the tangible business benefits you can gain by deploying your applications to the cloud.

Virtual Lab: Windows Azure
In this virtual lab, you will create a fully functional Windows Azure application from scratch. In the process, you will become familiar with several important components of the Windows Azure architecture including Web Roles, Worker Roles, and Windows Azure storage. You will also learn how to integrate a Windows Azure application with Windows Live ID authentication and how to store relational data in the cloud using SQL Azure.