AutoTag 'n Search My Photos
AutoTag 'n Search My Photos

AutoTag 'n Search My Photos, a Microsoft Garage project, uses photos tagged in your Facebook account to learn face models of your friends. It can then automatically tag faces in your personal photo collection in Pictures Library, including OneDrive Camera roll. The app supports the ability to search for people tags across your photo collection. AutoTag ‘n Search My Photos adds new people tags to your photos and does not overwrite any existing tags.


Automatically tag people in your private photo collection!


  • Automatically tags recent photos included in Pictures Library. Photos taken on your Windows phone can get automatically tagged and be searchable by including OneDrive photos in Pictures library!
  • Automatically learns faces of strong connections in your Facebook graph. You can also selectively learn other friends.
  • Provides a person centric view of all your photos including your local, OneDrive, and Facebook photos.
  • Creates a uniquely managed identity for friends who are not on Facebook so that with some initial tagging, the app learns a face model and later automatically tags such “UserCreated” friends.
  • Allows selective uploading of tagged photo(s) to Facebook.
  • Provides unidentified photos view clustering faces with similar features for easy tagging.
  • Allows existing tags generated by other apps to be leveraged by merging them with tags managed by AutoTag ‘n Search My Photos.
  • Gets more accurate as you interact with the app and fix mistags or confirm Autotags.

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