Autocorrector & Speller

Speller Motivation

• Arabic content has a very high Word Error Rate (WER).

• Analysis of 1000-Article Tagged Corpus: the Average WER is 6% in News text.

Speller Definition

• Detection and correction of misspelt words

• Providing correction candidates

• Improving the accuracy of Arabic text processing components.


Mistake Detection

The Speller enhances the quality of written Arabic text by detecting erroneous words in Modern Standard Arabic text.


The Speller makes auto-correction of common Arabic mistakes without further user effort. This also can be used to normalize Arabic text.


The Speller provides more than one candidate for correcting erroneous words and enables the user to decide. 

Speller APIs

Detect Mistakes in Modern Standard Arabic

Auto-correct common Arabic mistakes

Spell Check by providing more than one candidate for misspelt words

Speller Examples