Arabic NLP Toolkit Service (ATKS)

Natural language processing (NLP) is a foundational infrastructure for processing written text. This processing revolves around text analysis and understanding, serving a multitude of sophisticated tasks, such as text search, document management, automatic translation, proofreading, text summarization, and many more.

At Advanced Technology Labs Cairo, we have built state-of-the-art NLP components targeting the Arabic language that perform most of the above functionalities quickly and accurately. The component suite includes a full-fledged Morphological Analyzer (Sarf), a Speller, an Auto Corrector, a Diacritizer, a Named Entity Recognizer (NER), a Colloquial Converter, and a Part-of-Speech (POS) Tagger. These components already are integrated into multiple Microsoft products and services, such as Windows, Office, Bing, Exchange, SharePoint, and Windows Phone.
The Arabic NLP Toolkit (ATKS) offers all the above functionalities in the form of web services and associated APIs hosted on Windows Azure.
ATKS enables developers and researchers around the world to build high-quality apps. It eases the burden of building low-level language-processing tools. Now, developers can focus more on application development, high-level functionalities, and core scenarios.
As a cloud service, it is reliable, scalable, and highly available. Service updates are pushed silently, so you always use the most recent version of each component. 

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