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oreChem Project

Integrating Chemistry Scholarship with the Semantic Web

"The oreChem project is a collaboration between chemistry scholars and information scientists to develop and deploy the infrastructure, services, and applications to enable new models for research and dissemination of scholarly materials in the chemistry community. Although the focus of the project is chemistry, the work is being undertaken with an attention to general cyber infrastructure for eScience, thereby enabling the linkages among disciplines that are required to solve today’s key scientific challenges such as global warming. A key aspect of this work, and a core aim of this project, is the design and implementation of an interoperability infrastructure that will allow chemistry scholars to share, reuse, manipulate, and enhance data that are located in repositories, databases, and Web services distributed across the network."

Lagoze, Carl (2009) The oreChem Project: Integrating Chemistry Scholarship with the Semantic Web. In: Proceedings of the WebSci'09: Society On-Line, 18-20 March 2009, Athens, Greece.