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Adoption of ICTS in Urban Slumns
Adoption of ICTS in Urban Slumns

We discuss the adoption of information and communication technologies in the context of urban slums in Mumbai. We are conducting ethnographic research amongst ICT-based business like mobile phone stores and services, cyber cafes, PC assembling units and computer training institutes.

Through in-depth understanding of informal business networks we are mapping;

  • the demand for and usage of the internet/mobile internet, mobile phones and PCs in low-income settings
  • the business ecology of mobile phone repair and servicing and PC assembling
  • the dissemination of ICT skills and adption

We are presently working in two suburban Mumbai slums in Dharavi and Behram Baugh.

Research interns: Srikanth Yamsani,Sumitra Nair,Ashwini Shelke,Raj Kumar Rath


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