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Microsoft Research New York City Overview

Microsoft Research New York City (MSR-NYC) was founded in May 2012 in New York City. It is Microsoft Corp.’s twelfth worldwide research facility to be established since 1991, joining basic research labs in Cambridge, Mass.; Redmond, Wash.; Cambridge, United Kingdom; Beijing, China; Mountain View, Calif.; and Bangalore, India, with a world-class team of more than 850 scientists worldwide.

Researchers at this lab work together with others in Microsoft Research and in academia to advance the state of the art in social science, both computational and behavioral, computational economics and prediction markets, machine learning, as well as information retrieval. Along with helping to answer big data questions, their research will help us to understand economic and political predictions for understanding online human behavior. This research along with their study of social sciences will help to inform the technology of the future.

The New York City lab represents a touch point for Microsoft researchers and developers worldwide, allowing a bridge between local academic communities and other academic partnerships collaborating with Microsoft Research’s labs worldwide. These new researchers represent some of the best and brightest minds in research.

The addition of MSR-NYC represents the company’s long-term investment in basic research; in concert with Microsoft’s product groups, MSR’s resources guide and influence the company’s pursuit to apply transformative technologies and new technology trends to its products and services. MSR contributes to the shape of the future: giving Microsoft the agility to respond immediately when the world changes – or to change the world themselves.

The lab supports a core team of 15 researchers including thought leaders Duncan Watts, David Pennock and John Langford. MSR-NYC is run by Managing Director of the MSR-NE lab Jennifer Tour Chayes and Assistant Lab Manager David Pennock. Additional information about the members of the lab is available at

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