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Francois Dumas

Francois Dumas

Advanced Technology Labs Europe

Francois received a bachelor’s degree in computer science from UC Berkeley and a master’s degree from Stanford University, focusing on databases. He has over 20 years of experience working in the software industry in Silicon Valley. Francois started off his career at Oracle Corporation, where he worked on the development of enterprise accounting and manufacturing software. Subsequently, he spent the next eight years consulting for large and small corporations on databases and enterprise systems. Starting in 1999, Francois started working for, and creating, start-up companies. The first two start-up companies he joined focused on distributed transactions, B2B systems and semantic modeling. He held senior management positions both in engineering and product management.

In 2003, Francois created his first software start-up company, WUF Networks. WUF developed a software layer that connected mobile phones, connected computers and set-top boxes. That layer allowed any device to stream music, and access photos from any other device, providing transcoding on the fly, and managing all necessary firewalls. WUF Networks was sold to Yahoo! In 2005, Francois created his second start-up, Flixlab, which built a cloud-based pipelined, parallelized video rendering engine. Flixlab’s first application was a mobile phone application that automatically composes, edits and publishes videos from the user’s local content or from friend’s content on remote devices.

On a personal note, Francois is originally from Paris, France and has been married for 23 years to his Iranian-American wife, Firoozeh. They have three children. In their spare time, they enjoy cooking and traveling.