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Baining Guo

Baining GuoAssistant Managing Director
Microsoft Research Asia
Microsoft Corp.

Dr. Baining Guo is Assistant Managing Director of Microsoft Research Asia, where he also serves as the head of the graphics lab. Prior to joining Microsoft Research China in 1999, Dr. Guo was a senior staff researcher with the Microcomputer Research Labs of Intel Corporation in Santa Clara, California. Dr. Guo received Ph.D. and M.S. from Cornell University and B.S. from Beijing University. Dr. Guo is a fellow of IEEE and ACM.

Dr. Guo's research interests include computer graphics, visualization, natural user interface, and statistical learning. He is particularly well known for his work on texture and reflectance modeling, real-time rendering, and geometry modeling. Dr. Guo was on the editorial boards of IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (2006–2010) and Computer and Graphics (2007–2011). He is currently an associate editor of IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications. He has served on the program committees of numerous conferences in graphics and visualization, including ACM Siggraph and IEEE Visualization. Dr. Guo holds over 40 US patents.