Zheng Zhang

Zheng Zhang

Zheng Zhang Zheng Zhang is Principle Researcher and Research Area Manager of the System and Networking Area (including System Research Group and Wireless and Networking Group) in Microsoft Research Asia

Zheng entered Fudan EE undergraduate program at 84 and went on to the graduate school at 87, one year ahead of schedule. Between 90 and 92, he was seen racing along highways in the city of Dallas, Texas and occasionally drop by to study, the subject of his MS thesis was on caching analysis of computer architecture. He was with University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign since 93, and his research interest was in high-performance computer architecture and in particular the memory hierarchies of large-scale shared memory multiprocessors. He researched and published extensively in various areas of cache coherency protocols, and initiated the first study of such systems using commercial applications, which later became the seed for the special workshop in the prestigious ISCA conferences. After surviving the punishing wind chills and the remarkably boring surroundings of Champaign-Urbana, and the dismal performance of the Illinois football (American!), he escaped to the sunny California and joined HP-Labs in the fall of 96 with a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineer.
In HP-Labs, he continued researching large-scale multiprocessors and served as consultant to HPs high-end server (Superdome), and contributed in particular to its high-availability solution. His research interest shifted to other areas such as I/O and embedded systems. In 99, he led a research project focusing on building large scale distributed file system and prototyped the DiFFS architecture. Part of the DiFFS technology successfully transferred to the product division and is on the way of being developed as a high-end storage solution. The rest becomes part of the HPs proposal which in later 2001 won the PathForward contract with US National Labs. Since fall of 2001, he led a team focusing on fundamental properties of large scale peer-to-peer systems for planetary computing, and yielded novel solutions for routing, namespace and object placement and a number of other protocols. His current research interest is ultra-large scale distributed system, utilizing and advancing state-of-the-art of peer-to-peer technologies. He has over 30 publications and technical reports as well as patents and invention disclosures, and has served as PC/TPC members for IPTPS, WWW, ICDCS, USENIX MobiSys, WCW etc.
Zheng was also among the founding editors of online web-zine XinYuShi and GuoFeng, and chief editor for the first two volumes of Overseas Chinese Student Poetry Collection, with the penname BambooMan. But he has sealed his quill on this for several years.
Apart from the busy work schedule and learning to be a good father, Zheng is trying to keep his life balanced by leaving time for books, piano and horseback riding.
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