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(Authors associated with * are/were the interns I have supervised in MSRA)











2006 ~ 2007

  • Yu Zheng, Xing Xie, Wei-Ying Ma. Distributed Architecture For Large Scale Image-Based Search, In Proceedings of International conference on Multimedia Explore (ICME 2007), Beijing China.
  • Yu Zheng, Dake He, Xiaohu Tang, Zijian Deng. Investigation on the Key Stream Generator Based on the Combination of FCSR and LFSR (in Chinese). Journal of Computer engineering, 2007
  • Yu Zheng, Dake He, Mingxing He. Trusted computing based user authentication scheme for mobile equipment (in Chinese), Chinese Journal on Computers. 2006, 29(8):1255-1264
  • Yu Zheng, Dake He. Trusted computing-based security model for software protection (in Chinese), Journal of Southwest Jiaotong University, 41(1),2006, pp.63-67
  • Yu Zheng, Dake He, Mingxing He. User Authentication Scheme for Trusted Mobile Platform, Advance in China Crypt06.



  • Yu Zheng, Dake He. A security scheme for broadband wireless access network (in Chinese), Chinese journal of railway.2004, 26(5): 121-124
  • Yu Zheng, Dake He. TC-Based AKA Scheme For 4G Mobile Networks, In proc. of International conf. IECT05, Chengdu, 2004
  • Yu Zheng, Dake He. Hybrid Authentication Architecture For 4G Mobile Communication Systems. WICSP'04, 2004, Chengdu China, pp.58-64.
  • Yu Zheng, Dake He. Call Admission Control scheme for wireless network with priority service. Chinese journal of Technology on comm. and info., 2004, 12