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News about Yu Zheng


  1. 2016.3.23: We are organizing the 5th International Workshop on Urban Computing (UrbComp 2016) New!
  2. 2015.12.17: A tutorial on Trajectory Data Mining. Slide decks are free for download! New!
  3. 2015.9.18: Our book "Computing with Spatial Trajectories" has been recognized as one of the Top 10 Most Popular Computer Science Book published by Chinese authors at Springer.
  4. 2015.6.16: We are organizing a special issue on Urban Computing at IEEE Transactions on Big Data.
  5. 2015.4.5: We are organizing the 4th International Workshop on Urban Computing (UrbComp 2015) in conjunction with KDD 2015. Selected workshop papers will be published in a special issue on urban computing at IEEE Transaction on Big Data. Submission Deadline: June 5, 2015.
  6. 2015.3.15: Yu Zheng. Trajectory Data Mining: An Overview. ACM Transaction on Intelligent Systems and Technology. 2015, vol. 6, issue 3.
  7. 2015.1. 19: I was invited to give a speech at the Roundtable of Thought Leaders on Innovation in Cities: (Video of my presentation)
  8. 2014.12.2: I gave a Distinguished Lecture at Hong Kong Baptist University about Urban computing. Check the video.
  9. 2014.10.3: Special issue on Urban Computing at ACM TIST is now online for download.
  10. 2014.9.24: I was invited to give a keynote speech at the 2nd International Conference on Sustainable Urbanization (ICSU 2015),
  11. 2014.9.2: I was named one of the 2014 Top 40 Business Elites under 40 in China by Fortune ( see more... )
  12. 2014.8.28: United Nations featured our research published at KDD 2014 (see more... )
  13. The homepage of CityNoise has been launched.
  14. Two papers accepted by UbiComp 2014 and three papers accepted by KDD 2014.
  15. 2014.4.18: We are organizing the 3rd International Workshop on Urban Computing (UrbComp 2014)
  16. 2014.4.10: I gave a keynote speech at APEC 2014 smart city innovation & technology cooperation forum.
  17. 2014.3.25: I am invited to be a PC co-chair of UIC 2014.
  18. 2014.3.24: Urban Air homepage launched.
  19. 2014.2.4: I am invited to the Editorial Advisory Board of IEEE Spectrum.
  20. 2013.12.22: I am invited to give a keynote speech at two international conferences respectively: IE 2014 and WGDC 2014.
  21. 2013.11.22: I am featured by Time Magazine (Nov 23 issue).
  22. 2013.11.20: I gave a keynote speech at the 8th International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Knowledge Engineering (ISKE2013).
  23. 2013.10.10: I was invited to a panel about the Technology for connected cities, at EmTech 2013.
  24. 2013.10.9: Short talk at EmTech 2013, “When Air Quality Meets Big Data”.
  25. 2013.10.8: I give an invited takl at at MIT, “Urban Computing: Using Big Data to Solve Urban Challenges”.
  26. 2013.8.27: I visited IBM Research at T.J. Watson and gave a talk there.
  27. 2013.8.21-28: I visited the Center for Urban Sciences and Progress.
  28. 2013.8.21: I was named 2013 Top Innovators under 35 by MIT Technology Review
  29. 2013.8.20: I was invited to attend the reception for the summer intern program at the University of Chicago
  30. 2013.8.20: I visited Nokia and gave an invited talk.
  31. 2013.8.19: I gave an invited talk at UIC. 
  32. 2013.8.15: I visited University of Chicago
  33. 2013.8.12: UrbComp 2013 went very successfuly. Check it out!
  34. 2013.8.2: I have finished teaching a subject (Spatio-Temporal Data Analytics) in Shanghai Jiaotong University
  35. 2013.7.18: I am invited to give a keynote speech at the 9th IEEE International conf. on Intelligent Environment (IE 2013), Athen, Greece.
  36. 2013.7.2: I am appointed a chair professor at Zhiyuan College, a part of Shanghai Jiaotong University
  37. 2013.4.10: Our paper, T-Share: A large scale dynamic ridesharing service, won the best paper runner-up award at ICDE 2013.
  38. 2013.3.29: I am organizing the 2nd international workshop on Urban Computing (UrbComp 2013)
  39. I am invited to be the program co-chair of ICDE 2014 industrial track.
  40. 2012.11.29: I will give an invited talk at Beijing urban planning institute.
  41. 2012.11.21: I gave an invited talk in the colloquium of Shanghai Jiaotong Univerisity.
  42. 2012.11.15: I was invited to give a talk on urban computing in National Taiwan University.
  43. 2012.9.17: I gave a guest lecture on urban computing in Cornell University. (Slides)
  44. 2012.9.11: I gave a guest lecture in Carnegie Mellon University. (Slides
  45. I am invited to be the program co-chair of ICDE 2014 industrial track.
  46. I am organizing CCF Advanced Disciplines Lectures (ADL) on Urban Computing (Details) .
  47. 2012.5.10: We have two papers accepted by KDD 2012.
  48. 2012.4.17: I will give a tutorial on location-based social networks at WWW 2012 conference (Sldies).
  49. 2012.4.10: I gave an invited talk about Urban Computing in MIT Media Lab. (see more)
  50. 2012.3.14: I am organizing the special issue on Urban Computing at ACM TIST as a guest editor (CFP).
  51. 2012.3.31: I am organizing the 4th International Workshop on Location-Based Social Networks (LBSN 2012).
  52. 2012.3.11: I am organizing the International Workshop on Urban Computing (UrbComp 2012) as a program chair
  53. 2011.12.19: Our paper "On Mining Anomalous Patterns in Road Traffic Streams" won the best paper award at ADMA 2011.
  54. 2011.10.11: I created a dedicated webpage introducing our research on Urban Computing.
  55. 2011.9.30: "Taxicab data helps ease traffic". Future of Technology on
  56. 2011.9.28:" GPS Data on Beijing Cabs Reveals the Cause of the Traffic Jams". Featured by MIT Technology Review.
  57. 2011.9.28: We have two papers accepted by ICDE 2012.
  58. 2011.9.21: Our paper "Urban Computing with Taxicabs" received the best paper nominee from Ubicomp 2011.
  59. 2011.8.31: MIT Technology Review wrote an article about our T-Drive project again based on our recent KDD publication.
  60. 2011.8.31: I am invited to the program committee of PAKDD 2012 as a senior PC.
  61. 2011.8.19: A paper "T-Drive: Enhancing Driving Directions with Taxi Drivers' Intelligence" has been accepted by TKDE.
  62. 2011.8.15: A sample of T-Drive Taxi Trajectories has been released to the public. 
  63. 2011.7.26: "GeoLife GPS Trajectories" version 1.1 has been released to the public.
    • Find what's new in this version from the user guide.
    • Collected by 167 users from April 2007 to December 2010
  64. 2011.6.30: Two papers have been accepted by Ubicomp 2011.
  65. I am the PC co-chair of the ACM SIGSPATIAL workshop on Location-based social networks (LBSN 2011)
  66. 2011.5.3: Two papers has been accepted by KDD 2011
  67. 2011.4.28: One paper Retrieving k-Nearest Neighboring Trajectories by a Set of Point Locations is accepted by SSTD 2011.
  68. 2011.4.15: One paper has been accepted by Jounral on Personal and Ubiquitous Computing (PUC)