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Yao Qian

Yao Qian

Microsoft Research Asia


Dr. Qian is now a lead researcher in the Speech Group, Microsoft Research Asia. She received the Ph.D degree in the Dept. of EE, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, in 2005. During her Ph.D study, she received the award of Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship in 2003. She joined Microsoft research Asia in September, 2005. She is interested in spoken language processing. Her recent research projects include speech synthesis, voice transformation, prosody modeling for speech synthesis, recognition and understanding and Computer-assisted language learning (CALL). Her most recent work focuses on deep learning and its application in speech synthesis and pronunciation evaluation. 

Current Projects:

Deep Neural Networks for Speech Generation and Synthesis

Deep Learning for Pronunciation Training and Evaluation

A Fast Statistical Model Driven Text-To-Speech Synthesis

Cross-lingual Voice Transformation

High Quality Text-To-Speech Synthesis



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Recent Conference Papers:

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 More Conference Papers  


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