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Research Projects of Xin-Jing Wang




Arista (lARge-scale Image Search To Annotation) is a data-driven image annotation system, which annotates an image based on large-scale image search. Its assumption is that close similar images share similar semantics. It targets at a practical image annotation engine which is able to automatically annotate images of any popular concepts. Started from 2006, Arista is now able to perform online tagging based on 2 billion web images leveraging near-duplicate detection technique. 




Argo is an online image advertising system that automatically associate relevant ads to a user’s shared photos based on photo content analysis. The first version of Argo attempted to associate user-targeted ads based on user interest analysis. The second version of Argo investigated the way of adjacent marketing for online image advertising.



The objective of Agate is to automatically derive, from user-generated photos, a one page visual summary of a landmark, region or city that captures the key sites of interest. In an interactive setting, a user can see “canonical views” of each site of interest, and browse photos that correspond to each canonical view. When textual descriptors of the photos are available, we augment the visual summaries with semantics obtained from analyzing the statistics of image tags.




Professional Activities



Xin-Jing Wang (王欣靖)


Web Search & Mining Group
Microsoft Research Asia

5 Danling Street, Beijing 100080, China
Email: xjwang AT microsoft DOT com