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Vikram Dendi

Vikram Dendi

Vikram Dendi is the Strategy Director for Microsoft Research and acts as the Technical & Strategy Advisor to the Head of Microsoft Research. He is responsible for increasing the impact of MSR’s research investments and also currently oversees the teams supporting technology transfer, IP strategy and technical operations.

Vikram has been at Microsoft Research for five years and his prior responsibilities included helping transform research technologies like machine translation into high value developer and user experiences. He was responsible for shaping the product direction and business strategy for Microsoft’s translation platform, which is used by most major Microsoft products, including Bing, Office and Windows, as well as many partner products (Facebook, eBay, Twitter, etc.). Over the course of his tenure at Microsoft, he contributed to a number of other “new product” efforts in a variety of areas, including Maps, Location Based Services, Phone, and Emerging Markets.

Prior to Microsoft, he worked for Real Networks where he played a key role in establishing the company’s open source strategy and was responsible for designing, building, and shipping consumer products for the Mac and Linux platforms.

Vikram graduated with honors from California Institute of Technology and while an Entrepreneurial Fellow in a National Science Foundation sponsored program, he founded his first startup company in the area of tablet computing. Vikram's research interests include Computer Human Interaction, Social Computing, Intelligent Interfaces and Software Agents.

You can connect with him here and follow him @vikman.

What's New
Social BI Guest Blog - Buzzlogix: The Future of Business Engagement on Social Media
The following is a guest post by Buzzlogix, creators of a social media management, monitoring, and engagement platform. Buzzlogix has multiplied the capabilities of its social BI analysis tools by integrating the Microsoft Translator API into its platform; it is able to automatically convert foreign language posts into a single language for analysis. It's near impossible to keep up with the millions of posts, tweets and messages your customers and prospects are sending out every second. How can a business keep up? We, at Buzzlogix, was founded by Scott Sims and Niko Makris. We discovered businesses were missing out on key opportunities to listen and engage with their audience. The light bulb moment went off and we hit the ground running to change how businesses can use social media. "We make social listening, engagement, and publishing easy and within reach," says Sims. We asked ourselves in 2014, "Why isn't there an easier and more efficient way to track all social media platforms, listen and respond faster." We've all had an issue with a business so we tweeted to them the problem...and they didn't respond! Businesses aren't listening! "We saw there was not a good, unified solution for the mid-market without paying an arm and a leg," Sims concluded. Buzzlogix was born. Buzzlogix is your digital set of "headphones" you virtually plug into a social network and see: What others are saying about YOUR brand Prospects who need and search for your solution and but haven't found you. What your competitors are doing. It doesn't just stop at traditional social media platforms, our technology taps into over 50 Million sources including: blogs, forums, news and discussion posts. We knew were taking on some heavy-hitters such as Hootsuite and Buffer, but our competitors don't provide anything close to what Buzzlogix's technology gathers. "Most of the solutions on the market lack the social listening and the deep learning functionality," says Sims. The technology to tap into over 50 million social networks, gather relevant data about your ideal customer (including demographics and even purchasing behavior) is a massive money and time saver for any business. Imagine your business getting automated notifications for: Mentions of your brand, Buzzwords from potential customers Complaints about your competitor you can fulfill. You can respond in mere seconds. Social media suddenly becomes more than just a tool to shout your message. From the Buzzlogix dashboard, you easily can hear in your customer's words what their needs, wants and desires are. This guides your marketing team. Tracking keywords prospects post helps your sales team. Responding in seconds to your customer helps your brand overall. We realized we post to social networks for one reason: To Be Heard. When you show you heard and engaged with them, not as a faceless business, but a caring listener, you've just won a lifelong customer. Recently, we joined the Microsoft Bizspark program early on and are excited to be using the Bing Search API and the Microsoft Translator API within the Buzzlogix technology. Bizspark tools have helped get our Buzzlogix team out of our heads and out into the world. It's put them way ahead of their competitors in less than 2 years. We can now leverage language detection and translation services for over 50 languages right inside our application with Microsoft Translator API. Our customers love the option to be able to translate social media comments and posts back into their native language. This helps social media teams pull insights from markets all over the world This is the future for social media in businesses. Your business won't need to bang your head against the wall wondering what to post. In a couple clicks, you can see what your customers want to know and what they need. Our Buzzlogix technology brings the "social" aspect BACK into social media with our three step approach: Listening, Analyzing, and Engaging. It's automated on one user interface and simple to plug into your team right away. Customers and prospects simply want to be heard and engaged with and Buzzlogix makes it easier than anyone else. We plan to release our product for commercial use in the 1Q of 2016. For more information visit (
Communicate Across Language Barriers with Skype for Windows Desktop
Have you been wanting to use Skype Translator, but don't have Windows 8.1 on your PC? The new Skype for Windows desktop app includes Skype Translator, and is compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. Powered by Microsoft Translator, Skype for Windows desktop lets you make translated calls in Chinese Mandarin, French, English, German, Italian, and Spanish. You can also IM in 50 languages. Only the caller needs to use the new Skype for desktop app to make a translated call — the receiver can use almost any other Skype app such as Skype for iPhone or Android. Since its initial release in December 2014, the Skype Translator preview has connected hundreds of thousands of people across geographies and languages. We have seen some incredibly inspirational stories from our preview program participants about how they've used Skype Translator. We are excited to make this technology available to an even broader range of users. Some of our favorite stories include: A student who planned her yearlong study abroad trip to China only through Translator A multicultural newly-engaged couple who kept in touch with each other's families via weekly video chats An owner of a small business who communicated with his best suppliers through IM A Ph.D. student who enhanced his thesis research with the help of experts in other countries An Australian world traveler who found his way across continents by translating key phrases A non-profit worker who used Skype Translator to unite donors and those in need Since Translator's machine-learning technology gets smarter the more it's used, we are looking forward to introducing the feature to more devices and a wider range of people. The update is being introduced to the Skype for Windows desktop app over the next few weeks. When you see these new Skype Translator icons in your updated app, Skype Translator is ready to use! If you don't already have Skype, you can download it here. If you need any help, Skype Support will have more details. If you want to leave any feedback, you can submit it to the Skype Community Forum. Learn more about the new Skype for Windows desktop app on the official Skype blog. Apps powered by Microsoft Translator: Microsoft Translator for Windows Document Translator More Microsoft Translator apps
Translations are even easier with “Complications” for Apple Watch
"Complications" are important pieces of information you can see right on the face of an Apple Watch. With the new WatchOS 2, data from apps can be Complications too. Ironically, we've used "Complications" to make translation even easier while you are using Translator for your Apple Watch with its companion iPhone app. We also have a couple of brand new features to help you communicate quickly and effectively in all of the languages supported by Microsoft Translator. With the Apple Watch update: Complications will automatically display common phrases like "good morning" and "goodbye" on the watch face in the local language when you're abroad. The phrases are based on your location and the time of day. Play back a recent or pinned translation through the watch speaker — no need to pull out your phone. This lets you have your translated words and phrases at the ready when you need them. The new "Time Travel" feature lets you see phrases for a later time of day to make it easier to communicate — for instance, learn how to say "good night" in the local language before dinner so you're ready to say it when you leave. The Microsoft Office Team also introduced a host of new features for Office on the iPad Pro, iOS 9, and WatchOS 2. Learn more about the all of the updates to Translator and Office at the Office 365 blog. Learn more and download Translator Apps Powered by Microsoft Translator: Bing Search including Translator for Safari Document Translator More Microsoft Translator Apps
Get instant translations from Cortana, your personal digital assistant in Windows 10
Microsoft Translator provides translations whenever and wherever you need them. Translator is available in a number of apps for smartwatches, phones, tablets, and PCs. It is also integrated into a number of products such as Microsoft Office and Skype Translator. To make translation even more convenient, the Cortana team has launched native translation support to Windows 10 in its US and Chinese editions.* Cortana, with the help of Microsoft Translator, places powerful translation technology at your fingertips by instantly translating words, phrases, and sentences from English or Chinese (depending on your edition) to almost 40 languages. There are a couple different ways to use Cortana's translation capabilities. First, you can simply say "Hey Cortana," followed by the word or phrase you want translated, for instance: "Hey Cortana, translate where is the nearest taxi stand in French?" "Hey Cortana, how to say where is the closest grocery store in Spanish?" You can, of course, also just type directly your request in the taskbar, for example, "Translate what is the nearest 5 star hotel to German"... although this admittedly takes some of the speech (and fun) out of using the personal digital assistant. To edit the translation, hear it with text-to-speech, or share it with a friend just click on "Open Translator" to navigate to the Microsoft Translator landing page on Bing. Want to know if Cortana can translate in the language you need? Here is a list of all of the languages you can translate to: Bulgarian Catalan Chinese (Simplified) Czech Danish Dutch English Estonian Farsi Finnish French German Greek Hebrew Hindi Hungarian Indonesian Italian Japanese Klingon (pIqaD) Korean Latvian Malay Maltese Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Slovak Slovenian Spanish Swedish Thai Turkish Ukrainian Urdu Vietnamese Welsh Sometimes, if Cortana misunderstands you or does not have the Translation, the assistant opens up a web page after performing a web search for it. Hopefully next time you want to know the translation of a word or phrase in a specific language, Cortana will lend you a hand. All you have to do is ask! Do you need translation of signs and menus, or do you need translation support when you are not connected to the web? Try out the Microsoft Translator apps for Windows Phone and Windows PC that lets you more finely tune your translation, and include camera translation, offline translation, and more! For more Windows 10 resources, don't forget to check out the Windows 10 help, tips, and tricks page. Or if you have any questions, you can always post to Windows 10 Forums at Windows Central for more help. Apps Powered by Microsoft Translator: Skype Translator Translator for Apple Watch Translator for Android Wear More Translator Apps *Cortana is also available in Windows Phone 8.1 in China. More versions of Windows 10 to be supported in the near future.
Microsoft Translator Releases Apps for Apple Watch and Android Wear
  Talking with Your Hands Never Made So Much Sense When you encounter someone who doesn't speak the same language as you, communication can certainly be a challenge— it often involves a lot of pointing and arm waving. Microsoft Translator's apps for Apple Watch and Android Wear finally make talking with your hands something useful. The apps let you translate on-the-go without having to fumble for a phone, making translation quicker and easier and making your communication more seamless and personal.You can download the Translator apps for Apple Watch or Android Wear now by going here. Our researchers are continuously looking at the most effective ways to bring down linguistic barriers by solving significant technical and interaction design challenges. Today, we have a number of ways in which Microsoft Translator is accessible to our users— on the web, as part of your search experience, through many experiences built by our developer community, via Office and more. Most recently we worked closely with our friends in Skype to deliver an entirely new interaction model for translation by enabling long distance real-time speech translation. Like we did with Skype Translator, we have been thinking about how wearable technology might affect language and translation experiences. The new wearable apps we are releasing today are part of this exploration. Wearables are a fascinating place to understand user experiences for translation. No other type of device allows people to interact with so little physical intrusion from the device itself— PC's, tablets, and even phones can be occasionally awkward and unnatural in the middle of a conversation. With these smart devices, we want to learn how people use the apps and how effective the translation experiences can be. By integrating translation capabilities into devices that are instantly on hand (pun intended), we hope to continue to break down the last barrier in human communication— language. With the Microsoft Translator apps for Apple Watch and Android Wear you can: Speak into your watch to get instant translations in all of the languages supported by Microsoft Translator. Make translation even faster by pinning your most commonly used translations to your screen for easy access. Browse your translation history to find recently used words and phrases. Adjust your device's settings with companion apps for your iPhone or Android smartphone. The companion apps also let you translate when you don't have your watch, and supports voice and text translation in all the languages supported by Microsoft Translator. Microsoft is releasing the Translator apps together with two other productivity apps for wearables— Yammer and Outlook. They join a growing list of Microsoft apps for Apple Watch and Android Wear, including OneNote, OneDrive, PowerPoint, Sunrise, and Wunderlist. Learn more about all of these wearable apps. Your feedback is incredibly important as we explore this new mode of interaction, and we have setup a special forum for you to interact with our team and provide feedback, suggestions, and comments. We would love to hear from you! Download Translator apps for Apple Watch or Android Wear More End-User Translator Apps: Translator for Windows Translator for Windows Phone Skype Translator for Windows Other Translator Apps