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Granted US patents (not complete): 


8,369,686    Intelligent overlay for video advertising
2 8,352,321 In-text embedded advertising
3 8,249,366 Multi-label multi-instance learning for image classification
4 8,207,989 Multi-video synthesis
5 7,890,512  Automatic image annotation using semantic distance learning
6 7,773,813  Capture-intention detection for video content analysis
8,452,794    Visual and textual query suggestion 
8,504,422    Enhancing photo browsing through music and advertising 
8,489,589   Visual search reranking
10  8,553,981    Gesture-Based Visual Search 
11  8,654,255    Advertisement Insertion Points Detection for Online Video Advertising 
12  8,751,472     User Behavior Model for Contextual Personalized Recommendation 
13  8,804,005     Video Concept Detection Using Multi-layer Multi-instance Learning 


Tao Mei


Microsoft Research

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