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Selected Talks



  • "CPU Sharing Techniques for Performance Isolation in Multitenant Relational Database-as-a-Service," presented at VLDB 2014, Hangzhou, China.
  • "SQLVM: Performance Isolation in Multi-Tenant Relational Database-as-a-Service," invited talk presented at East China Normal University, Shanghai, China.


  • "Rethinking Eventual Consistency: Can we do better?"  Keynote address at the 19th International Conference on Management of Data (COMAD 2013).
  • "Scalable and Elastic Transactional Data Stores for Cloud Computing Platforms," 2013 Jim Gray Doctoral Dissertation Award talk presented at ACM SIGMOD/PODS 2013, New York, NY, USA.
  • "Rethinking Eventual Consistency," Tutorial presented at ACM SIGMOD/PODS 2013, New York, NY, USA.
  • "Data Serving Systems in Cloud Computing Platforms," VLDB Summer School 2013, Shanghai, China.


  • "Scalable, Consistent, and Elastic Database Systems for Cloud Platforms", presented at various industry research labs. A recording of the talk presented at Microsoft Research, Redmond can be found here.
  • "Albatross: Lightweight Elasticity in Shared Storage Databases for the Cloud using Live Data Migration", presented at VLDB 2011, Seattle, WA, USA.
  • "Zephyr: Live Migration in Shared Nothing Databases for Elastic Cloud Platforms", presented at SIGMOD 2011, Athens, Greece.
  • "Big Data and Cloud Computing: Current State and Future Opportunities"[Part1][Part2], Tutorial presented at EDBT 2011, Uppsala, Sweden.


  • "Big Data and Cloud Computing: New Wine or just New Bottles?"[Part1][Part2], Tutorial presented at VLDB 2010, Singapore
  • "Ricardo: Integrating R and Hadoop", presented at SIGMOD 2010, Indianapolis, IN, USA
  • "G-Store: A Scalable Data Store for Transactional Multi key Access in the Cloud", presented at SoCC 2010, Indianapolis, IN, USA
  • "Anonymizing Weighted Social Network Graphs", presented at ICDE 2010, Long Beach, CA


  • "Thread Cooperation in Multicore Architectures for Frequency Counting Over Multiple Data Streams", presented at VLDB 2009, Lyon, France.
  • "Out-of-Order Processing: A New Architecture for High-Performance Stream Systems", presented at CS 595D, Winter 2009 at UCSB.