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Stuart Schechter

 Stuart jumping

Our Telepathwords weak-password prevention tool it now available to the public.

My primary areas of research are security, human computer interaction, and scientific ethics.

I believe strongly in open science. I am a member of the Ethical Research Project, helped create the ResearchWithoutWalls open-access pledge, and practice transparent reviewing (attaching my name to all peer reviews). In 2014 I served on the program committees of USENIX Security, WWW, and WEIS, as well as the steering committee of Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security (SOUPS). 


My CV.


  You? (2015)
  Sauvik Das (2014, CMU)
  Blase Ur (2013, CMU)
  Cristian Bravo-Lillo (2012, CMU)
  Saranga Komanduri (2012, CMU)
  Alain Forget (2010, Carleton)
  Kami Vaniea (2010, CMU, now @IU)
  Jennifer Tam (2009, CMU)
  Serge Egelman
  (2008, now @ ICSI)
  Maritza Johnson (2008, Columbia U., now @Google)
Supervised while at MIT LL:
  Andy Ozment (2006 now @ US Gov.)
  Will Stockwell (2006, now @ DropBox)

Personal info:
  My wife and occasional co-author