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Stuart Schechter

 Stuart jumping

Our Telepathwords weak-password prevention tool it now available to the public.

My primary areas of research are security, human computer interaction, and scientific ethics.

I believe strongly in open science. I am a member of the Ethical Research Project, helped create the ResearchWithoutWalls open-access pledge, and practice transparent reviewing (attaching my name to all peer reviews).


My CV.


  You? (2017)
  Tawfiq Ammari (2016, U Mich)
  Henry Corrigan-Gibbs (2015, Stanford)
  Yuan Tian (2015, CMU)
  Sauvik Das (2014, CMU)
  Blase Ur (2013, CMU)
  Cristian Bravo-Lillo (2012, CMU)
  Saranga Komanduri (2012, CMU)
  Alain Forget (2010, Carleton)
  Kami Vaniea (2010, CMU, now @IU)
  Jennifer Tam (2009, CMU)
  Serge Egelman
  (2008, now @ ICSI)
  Maritza Johnson (2008, Columbia U., now @Google)
Supervised while at MIT LL:
  Andy Ozment (2006, Cambridge, now @DHS)
  Will Stockwell (2006, MIT,then @ DropBox)

Personal info:
  My wife and occasional co-author