Sriram Rajamani



I am Assistant Managing Director of Microsoft Research India, and  "area champion"  for two research areas in Microsoft Research India: (1) Programming Languages and Tools, (2) Security and Privacy

My bio can be found here.

I am broadly interested in programming languages and tools to improve software productivity. Specific current research interests include:

    • building new programming tools by combining verification, testing, and statistics,
    • designing new programming models for concurrent and distributed systems, and
    • designing programming languages and analysis techniques to enable widespread use of machine learning by non-experts.

  • Together with colleagues at MSR India, I am working on a blended learning model (combining online learning with in-classroom pedagogy) for education in India. For more detais see: Massively Empowered Classrooms.
  • I am very interested in CS research community activities in India. See Mysore-Park workshop series
  • Recent papers can be found here.

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Conference Chairing:

  • VSTTE 2010 (co-chaired with Gary Leavens and Peter O'Hearn), ISEC 2008  and ISEC 2009  (co-chaired together with Pankaj Jalote), CAV 2005(co-chaired togetherwith Kousha Etessami), SPIN 2003(co-chaired together with Tom Ball)  (done!)

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