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Technologies Adopted by Standards
  1. 2004: Barbell lifting for motion compensated lifting for Scalable Video Coding extension of H.264/AVC
  2. 2002: Improved SP/SI Frame Coding for H.264/AVC
  3. 2002: Timestamp Independent Motion Vector Prediction for P and B frames Division Elimination for H.264/AVC
  4. 2002: Motion Vector Prediction in Bidirectionally Predictive (B) frames with regards to Direct Mode for H.264/AVC
  5. 2000: Error-Resilience Tool for MPEG-4 FGS enhancement bitstream
  6. 1998: Scalable Shape Coding for arbitrarily shaped object coding in MPEG-4 still texture coding tool
  7. 1996: Shape-Adaptive Wavelet Transform for Arbitrarily Shaped Object Coding in MPEG-4 still texture coding tool