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Steve Hodges


Sticker Circuits, 21 July 2013. Presentation at Sketching in Hardware 2013, Xerox PARC, California, US.

.NET Gadgeteer: A New Platform for K-12 Computer Science Education, 8 March 2013. Presentation at the ACM Computer Science Education conference SIGCSE 2013, Denver, Colorado, US.

.NET Gadgeteer: A platform for custom devices, 4 March 2013. Presentation at University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, US.

Clouds, atoms and .NET Gadgeteer, 22 July 2012. Presentation at Sketching in Hardware 2012, Portland, Oregon, US.

NUI panel, 12 Jan 2012. Brief presentation during CES panel discussion, Las Vegas, US.

Research in the Sensors and Devices group. 19 November 2008. Presentation to the Knowledge Media Lab, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan.

Surface computing and beyond: More expressive interaction. 18 November 2008. Presentation at the UK-Japan HCI workshop held at the British Embassy, Tokyo, Japan.

Surface computing: The post-PC experience. 8 October 2008. Presentation at the UKDL Event on Touch Screen Technology and Interactive Display Technology, Cambridge, UK.

ThinSight: Versatile Multi-touch Sensing for Thin Form-factor Displays. 26 September 2008. Invited paper presentation at HCI 2008, Liverpool, UK.

Casting a wider net: New applications for wireless sensing. 18 October 2007. Keynote presentation at IEEE SenseApp, Second IEEE International Workshop on Practical Issues in Building Sensor Network Applications, Dublin, Ireland.

Casting a wider net: New applications for wireless sensing. Presented 30 May 2007 at the first SensorNet ‘North West UK Sensor Network Day’ at Lancaster University.

wasp: A platform for prototyping ubiquitous computing devices. Presented 2 June 2006 at the 1st International Workshop on Software Engineering Challenges for Ubiquitous Computing, Lancaster University.

Just what you need: Simplifying electronic devices. Presented 27 April 2005 at the International Forum ‘Less is more - Simple Computing in an Age of Complexity’.

Track and trace for the global supply chain using RFID. Presented 3 November 2004 at Cambridge University Computer Lab as part of the Wednesday Seminar Series.