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Steve Hodges
Recent media coverage

Supporting the Innovation Pipeline
Inkjet-based circuit-board technology from Microsoft Research has led to a couple of awards for Japanese recipients,

Microsoft Research Connections Blog · 1 October 2014

Home Inkjet Printer Fabricates Circuit Boards on Photo Paper
The ink costs $500 a bottle, but only a few cents are needed to make a circuit.

Computerworld · 28 April 2014

5 Ways Microsoft Will Enable Your PC to See, Sense, and Understand
At Microsoft’s Silicon Valley Techfair, researchers showed how they’re taking the PC in a new direction, combining machine vision with a new independence so they may recognize and interpret what the PC sees and present that information in a useful context

PCWorld · 22 April 2014

Print a Working Paper Computer on an $80 Inkjet
Ink laced with silver nanoparticles could make it a reality, to the joy of hobbyists.

New Scientist · 3 October 2013

Putting Your Work ID Badge to Work
An Interactive Belt-worn Badge with a Retractable String-based Input Mechanism, a note from Microsoft Research Cambridge accepted for CHI 2013, describes a computing prototype device designed to provide quick, easy access to useful information.

Inside Microsoft Research · 1 May 2013

Easy Prototyping With Microsoft Gadgeteer
Build your own consumer electronics with this system from Microsoft.

IEEE Spectrum · 18 March 2013